Vermont Courses

Pico Mountain at Killington

Prices:           4.00 for one round, see bellow
Challenge:        7
Variety:          8
Fun:              8
Overall Value:    9

    Pico Mountain at Killington is located nine miles east of Rutland, Vermont on US Route 4. The activities they have available include an Alpine Slide, a driving range, something called "The Bungee Thing", and, of course, the mini-golf. The course is 19 holes and is pretty fun to play. It is well maintained and interesting, providing some tougher holes and some easier ones throughout.
    I mentioned to see here for prices as there was a wide range of pricing for the activities. I will try to accurately portray them bellow:

                            Activity:          Costs:
            Mini-Golf          4.00
            Driving Range      5.00 Lg. Bucket   3.00 Sm. Bucket
            Alpine Slide       5.00 Adult        4.00 Child/Senior
            Bungee Thing       5.00 Adult        4.00 Child/Senior

            5 rides on Slide   20.00 Adult       15.00 Child/Senior
            All Day Package *  35.00 Adult       25.00 Child/Senior

        * All Day Package includes the Alpine Slide, the Driving Range, and the Mini-Golf.

Quechee Gorge Mini-Golf

Price:            5.00
Challenge:        8
Variety:          5
Fun:              8
Overall Value:    8

    The Quechee Gorge Mini-Golf course is located in Vermont just behind the Pizza Chef which is next to the Quechee Gorge area itself. It is located on Rte. 5. The course is a lot of fun with a very natural look and feel. All of the holes are challenging, using natural curves to provide the difficulties. All holes have a 6 stroke limit with the exception of the 18th, which has a 10 stroke limit and is a par 5. That hole is the only real "luck" shot on the course, but they recognize it as such due to its multi-level format. The unique feature is the theme that runs through the course. The entire course is a miniature of the Quechee Gorge itself, starting with the falls at the beginning of the river. Check it out!

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