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Submitted by: Jon C. DeLuca
Company Web Page:

Price:            4.00
Challenge:        7
Variety:          8
Fun:              10
Overall Value:    10

    Bogey's is the jewel in Richmond's crown. There's not a lot of good mini-golf in Richmond, but Bogey's makes it all worthwhile.

    Bogey's is simply the best miniature golf course I have ever played. It is a well-designed and well-kept course designed for those who appreciate the game you won't find any fake animals or loop-de-loops here, but water hazards and sandtraps are abundant.

    Challenge: Although the average hole is about 10-20 yards, don't let the distance fool you curves, hills, and hazards make it a real challenge. As with all mini-golf, luck plays some role, but skill is definitely rewarded on this course. You definitely learn as you go on this course.  Par is 54, and experienced players can shoot high-40s/low-50s first-timers should feel happy to break 60.

    Variety: Despite the fact that there is only one 18-hole course here, you never tire of it. The course features a nice variety of uphill, downhill, and flat holes.

    Fun: Many holes present you with a dilemma. Do you go for the high risk shot or the more conservative approach? The water hazards and sand traps can be punishing if you're too aggressive, yet you can't score well without taking some risks. I definitely would (and have) taken dates here - while my love for those dates has long faded, my passion for Bogey's endures.

    Overall: You can't have more fun in Richmond for the price. In fact, you can't have more fun in Richmond, period.

    Location: Bogey's is located on 1675 Ashland Road in Richmond, VA - just a few minutes west of the West End between I-64 and Broad Street (250). In addition to miniature golf, the facility includes a nice driving range and batting cages.

Surfside Golf

Submitted by: Hayward H. Bennett
Company Web Page:

Price:            4.50
Challenge:        9
Variety:          8
Fun:              8
Overall Value:    10

    We are the first adventure mini golf on the island.We have a water mist to keep you cool in the hot weather,water falls.streams,palm trees from florida that we have keep from year to year [a first]Our Golf Course is the CLEANEST in America. Our Rest Room is Too!

    We also have Batting Cages,Water Wars,Hoops U.S.A. and an Arcade

    We were born here and so were our parents.

    I think that we have the second best mini golf in all of the USA,Village Greens in Strasburg,Pa being #1

    WE also raised the most money for the Childern's Hospital of the Kings Daugthers in the USA.

    Location: 6557 Maddox Blvd
 Chincoteague Island,Virginia 23336

 On the left toward the beach

Editor's Note: As with all such reviews, I take the owners review with a grain of salt. I would appreciate an objective review from someone who has been to this facility.

Tiny Town Golf

Submitted by: Jeff A. Bavely

Price:            3.00
Challenge:        6
Variety:          8
Fun:              9
Overall Value:    8

    A "Tiny Town" complete with church, school, fountains, wells, and windmill (Of course). A classic mini golf built in the 50's. I worked there as a kid and the former managers bought and restored the course like new.
    Location: 71477 Timberlake Rd., Lynchburg, VA

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