Utah Courses

Boondocks Fun Center "Inferno Island"

Submitted by: Jon P. Brown
Course Website: www.boondocks.info

Price:            6.00
Challenge:        8
Variety:          9
Fun:              10
Overall Value:    10

            This course has a huge Volcano that erupts every 15 min. and a great finishing hole that either shoots fire for a hole in one or shoots you with water if you miss. The landscaping is beautiful and its perfect for all ages!!

Location: Draper, Utah
Boondocks is in Draper on Southfork Dr. You can get there either by taking Bagerter highway all the way south to
Southfork Dr or by getting off the freeway at 14600 so and taking the Frontage Road north to South Fork Dr.

Water Gardens

Submitted by: Jon M. Evans

Price:            5.50
Challenge:        8
Variety:          8
Fun:              9
Overall Value:    8

            Ruthless sand-traps, Some water-traps, lots of invisible breaks, more of a skill course than a "toy" course. Each hole is lined with brick, and about a quarter inch spacing between each.  This makes it a big risk to try to bank putts, for fear of catchin' a bad corner and having your ball going any which-way.  There is one or two holes where you are shooting for a hole you can't even see.  The 18th hole is a doosey, with four sand traps and numerous rocks placed throughout the green.  On most holes you are either putting uphill or down. And on five or six holes, the green has two different runs to attack the hole from, with either a large rock formation or a water hazard dividing the green in two.  It's an outdoor course, so you have a breath-taking view of the Wasatch Mountains, and it's a fairly new course, so the overall condition of the course is sweet, and there isn't a big crowd.  I've played the course a couple times where there wasn't anyone out there but me.  It helps to know that someone isn't going to laugh you right off the course as soon as you start!!  The course has hole-pins, and I always play with the pin in the cup for the first shot on each hole.  It makes it just that much more difficult to perfectly run the ball without bouncing off the flags.

Location: Pleasant Grove, Utah

American Fork 500 E. exit to State Street, due East for 2-3 miles.

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