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Dinosaur Valley Mini Golf

Submitted by:  Josee Rainville (owner)
web site:  http://www.dinosaursudbury.ca

Price:            9 hole    adult $3.50  12 yr and under $2.95
                 18 hole    adult $7.00  12 yr and under $5.90
                 27 hole    adult $10.25 12 yr and under $8.90
                 36 hole    adult $13.50 12 yr and under $11.90
                 45 hole    adult $17.00 12 yr and under $13.90
                 54 hole    adult $20.00 12 yr and under $17.00

(Prices are in Canadian Dollars. For US equivalents, divide by 1.70)

Challenge:        8
Variety:          10
Fun:              9
Overall Value:    8

    There are 6  nine hole course all individually designed and all are shapes and all with steel barriers for challenge. All shapes are different and custom built with barriers, palm trees and spider web fence and mammoth skeleton dinosaurs surround this mini golf. Built to challenge and test the best of golfs........
Location:   map on  http://www.dinosaursudbury.ca/ under   maps.

Personal story behind the building of our mini golf.

    The first 9 nine hole was built 5 yrs ago. and was built with the professional golfer in mind to practise putting here. The level of difficulty  is 8 or 9 Par is 30 for a 9 hole and takes about an hour for 4 people to play and boy are they laughing when they are finished. The course takes luck and skill. Some holes are par 5 or 3 . The 2 other 9 holes were built as a result of our son being in the hospital at Cheo with Leukemia Cancer in Nov 1999.  He'd seen us design  and build the first and wanted to do this with our time together as well as cards and other things puzzles and sort.  He said that we will build it together when he is home.  I myself knew that this was not going to happen because the other course was not being played at home in Sudbury. Well when he died my husband and I felt like our hearts were in our throats.  We were lucky to have three other children though. Must count our blessings.  I knew that everything happens for a reason and maybe it was to help people with Cancer
and such. I do not know, but I showed my husband the designs after two or three weeks and he looked at me and said what a masterpiece and part of our son Steven too.

    He said we will build it, I told him they do not play the other why build this. He and I both agreed that this would help us I told him we should dedicate it to Cancer Patients and families, and our son, Steven. In rock it says:

"Dedicated to Steven & Tyler"

    (Tyler was a young boy Steven knew in Ottawa that suffered for 4 yr and had suffering that my son never knew. I know his mom and asked that I could make it in memory of our kids that were best friends for just alittle while. She was in tears and agreed and said are you sure and I told her our kids are together now.)

    Found the US PROMINIGOLF ASSN. in the winter asked them to try my course. They suggest that I make a leukemia cancer tournament. I give credit and thanks to them. They are such beautiful people.  I have not met them personally but just in emails.

    Have a snack machine and pop machine and indoor washroom on site not far from major town now part of Greater Sudbury.

   In Great Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Take Regional Rd 80 then west on Valley View Rd. for 5 1/2 km. turn at driveway.

    Editor's Note: The person who submitted this is associated with the course. They didn't initially provide any ratings for the course and there wasn't much of a description at the site. I would appreciate it if someone in the area could stop in and drop me a line about the courses. Subsequent to the original review, they contacted me to let me know about the tournament they are doing for the Cancer Society. I urge anyone in the area to stop in and play a round for Steven and Tyler. The prices seem reasonable, although I would still like an objective review of the site. Check out my news section for details on the tournament, or contact the owners directly.

    Additional Comments 6/14/03: I suggest everyone check out their website. Over the last few years, since first being contacted by Josee, I have heard from them several times. They have won a number of awards at this point and are very public minded and support a number of charities with tournaments and such. I urge people to make an effort to support their work. While I have still not been able to attend the facility myself, it sounds to me like they are always improving it and doing more for others along the way.

    Kudos to them for their work.  -Milton

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