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Banana Village

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Price:            7.50 (3.50 for additional game)
Challenge:        ?
Variety:          ?
Fun:              ?
Overall Value:    ?

Editors Note:

I originally had a review by a person that worked for the facility a number of years ago. I was contacted by the new owners of this mini-golf facility and told of a number of changes that have occured. So, I would appreciate an independent review. The original review has been removed, but the directions should still be good. I have been to Lincoln, NH and he based the directions on that. To get to Lincoln, simply follow Rte 93. You will see an exit for it.

From Lincoln to North Conway is as follows: Take the Kancamagus Highway out of Lincoln, and by following road signs, it should eventually end up on Route 16 in Conway by Kennett Highschool (take a left off of the Kanc. onto Rt. 16) Go straight through town, and you will go through one set of lights, then at the next set, you must take a left. Follow that until you get to a Burger King & CVS (on the right) and keep following the same Route 16. The main road in North Conway is the route 16 north, I think which is also known as the White Mountain highway. Keep driving past a Wendy's (right), a Shaw's supermarket & Ames plaza (left), and a McDonalds (left). Across the street from McDonalds is the Blueberry Muffin motel & restaurant. Captain Joe's mini golf is right next door to Blueberry Muffin (they own it). Further down the street is a Pirate's Cove mini golf (right). And if you keep driving straight, Banana Village is on a hill to the right of the road, but it is clearly visible from the road. Take the immediate right after Banana Village, and take the next immediate right, and you will be in the parking lot.

Captain's Cove Adventure Golf; Hampton NH, Rte. 1

Submitted by: S. C.
Web Site:

Price:            5.00
Challenge:        6
Variety:          4
Fun:              6
Overall Value:    6

        A little inside information from a former employee =)  :

This is a course with a "sea" or "ocean" theme (piers, boats, etc.). It's an 18-hole course, and as one of the few in an area with a strong tourist
base, it can get very busy in the summer months.

None of the holes are particularly memorable as such (the final hole, in fact, is somewhat anticlimactic), but most of them are playable. The brick
edge to the greens makes approximating bank shots difficult (I prefer wood edges), and they are also very low and shots can go airborne
easily, falling into waterways all over the course.
Also, three holes have devices which occasionally get balls stuck in them.

Advantages: You can usually play the course quickly, even with a moderate crowd. Also, ice cream is available for an after-game snack, and
the price was decent the last time I was there.

Good double-date place -- there are plenty of things in the area to do afterward, such as a movie theater and the beach.

Hobo Hills

Price:             6.00
Challenge:         8
Variety:           5
Fun:               10
Overall Value:     8

    Hobo Hills is located in Lincoln, NH at the Hobo Junction. Hobo Junction features the Pizza Train, A train ride of aprox. 1-1.5 hours during which there is a pizza party. There are various lunch and dinner rides as well that last for between 40 minutes and an hour. The golf course is a challenging track that winds its way around various pieces of hobo lore. You need to cross the railroad tracks for two of the holes. Few of the holes are completely "luck" shots, shots where you have no chance at a hole in one because of the number of twists and turns between. One very unusual aspect of playing there when I went was the fact that they let my group play two rounds of golf if we played the second one immediately. That fact makes what seems to be an expensive course into an outstanding value.

Moose Meadow Mini Golf & Arcade

Submitted by: Terry W. Rhoderick
Web Site:

Price:             5.00
Challenge:         7
Variety:           8
Fun:               7
Overall Value:     9

    Beautiful location beside the Androscoggin River. 18 holes of mini golf in a garden-like setting. Each hole is designed uniquely and each offers the player a challenge. No sure-shots on any of the 18 holes! Par is 46 and not often attained (only by the very frequent golfers!) Softball batting cage ($1.00 per token for 16 balls. Full arcade including pool table, air hockey, video and pinball games. Snacks and souvenirs in the clubhouse.

Location:  240 Main Street
                  Gorham, N.H. 03581

                  Tel#603-466-5909 May-October or 603-466-5088

As with all such submissions, I take this one with a grain of salt. The owner of this site appears to be the one who submitted the review. Although, he seems to have taken pains to be objective. (Not all 10's is a good thing. No course is perfect.) If someone else can get there and provide some additional backup, I would appreciate it.

Pirate's Cove

Submitted by: Joe H Roberts

Price:            6.00
Challenge:        7
Variety:          6
Fun:              8
Overall Value:    6

          There are Pirate's Cove mini golf courses all over the US, and this one is pretty good. It has two 18 hole courses, and I believe the price is either $5 or $6. I have played both courses many times and I still enjoy playing them. There is also an arcade and a gift/snack shop there too. The directions to this course are the same as the ones to Banana Village, No. Conway, NH.

Pleasant Valley Recreation

Price:            3.25
Challenge:        7
Variety:          9
Fun:              8
Overall Value:    9

    Pleasant Valley Recreation is located on Rte. 12, Charlestown Road in Claremont NH. It is a smallish facility and does not appear to be very well maintained as several of the greens had pieces missing or broken. Despite this fact, however, the course is fun. Many of the holes have an interesting obstacle which has the effect of making the course tougher than it otherwise would be. The 18th also has a feature I hadn't seen before, instead of a hole, there is a shot to lower your score. You have a chance to take 1, 2, or 3 strokes off your score or you can win a free game. They also offer a driving range, batting cages, go-carts and a snack bar. It is one of the least expensive sites I've been to and well worth a look.

Twinkle Town

Submitted by: Adam

Price:            1.50
Challenge:        5
Variety:          5
Fun:              8
Overall Value:    10

    Cute little course which has recently undergone a few changes.  They got rid of the classis "loop-de-loop" hole, and are beginning to put new greens in, which improves play quality considerably.  The best thing about this place is the price: $1,50, and .50 for replays.  They just recently raised the price from $1.00 to 1.50.  Cute holes, some mechanical doo-hickeys such as railroad gates etc.  Overall, a great place.

Location: Smack dab on Rt. 12 in Swanzey (close to Keene) NH.  If you're familiar with the area, it's about a mile and a half from the Cheshire Fairgrounds if you're headed AWAY from Keene on 12.

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