Georgia Courses

Mark and Janes Amusement Center

Submitted by: Wes Richard Little

Price:            4.00
Challenge:        7
Variety:          6
Fun:              8
Overall Value:    7

This is an older course. There is no desernable theme but there are lots of holes (three 18 hole courses). On my first visit i decided that it was a "crappy golf course" themed course. There were weeds coming out of cracks within the greens, holes that didn't line up with the cup, water hazards that were unintentional etc.All of this adds up to make it fun in my opinion. It isn't the typical run down course, it is beyond that. However, it has had minor renovations not taking away from the overall feel. As far as actual design goes though, it's not that original.

A couple of noteworthy holes:

Near the end of the yellow course there is a hole with a ramp over a waterhazard. The problem is the ramp points off the course. This leaves the player with two options, hit into the water or off the course. Also in the yellow course there is a two level hole with an incline that will always send your ball back where it started so you just shoot until you make it.There are some inexplicable obstacles on the course. On top of what looks like an oil rig there is a bird house that says "sheriff" on it and a tiny model train on top of a building on another. This is a fun couse where you can play for a long time. The additional rounds are only a dollar. They have some arcade games and a pool table too and some kind of snack bar though the staff is usually disinterested or not present. I recommend giving this place a try, especially if you are tired of fancy new courses.

Location: Athens, GA. 1743 Lexington RD. About 5 minutes from downtown.

The Oaks Miniature Golf LLC

Submitted by: Bill Oberholtzer
Company Web Page:

Price:            5.25 - 6.25
Challenge:        8
Variety:          7
Fun:              10
Overall Value:    9

The Oaks is a wooded hillside 18 hole course. The Oaks was built and is operated by a contractor responsable for over 35 mini golf projects.

Location: Gainesville, Georgia. 35 miles northeast of Spaghetti Junction..

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