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Mulligan Golfito

Submitted by: Alejandro Jaramillo
Course Web Site:

Price:            4.00
Challenge:        7
Variety:          7
Fun:              8
Overall Value:    9

This is an indoor mini golf inside of a shoppijng mall. we have virtual golf also with a Fullswing booth.

Location: Centro Comercial Atlantis Plaza
                    Bogota, Colombia
                    South Amercia
                    011 571 5307515

Editors Note: The gentleman who owns this site sent me this review of it. As with any course submitted by the owner, I take the ratings with a grain of salt. An objective review would be appreciated.

Mulligan Golfito Medellin

Submitted by: Carlos Esteban Mazo
Course Web Site:

Price:            2.00
Challenge:        10
Variety:          9
Fun:              8
Overall Value:    9

Mulligan Mini Golf is the best miniature indoor golf course of Latin America.
Visit Medellin and enjoy at Mulligan!!!'

Location: Parque Comercial el Tesoro
Torre Norte. Sotano 2.
TEL (574) 321 13 16
Medellin, Colombia
South America

Editors Note:  This review is really, more or less, just an advertisement and doesn't provide a lot of information. I had my reservations about putting it up, but decided that I would because I have done so before. An objective review would be very much appreciated.

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