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Stanley Park Pitch & Putt

Submitted by: Jennifer
Course Web Site:

Price:            7.75 (I am assuming this is in Canadian Currency)
Challenge:        5
Variety:          9
Fun:              10
Overall Value:    10

 I'm sorry I don't have the real name.  But it is a well maintained 18 hole 'pitch and put.'  While challenging, even for beginners it still makes for an enjoyable game.  The scenery, birds, and ornate shrubbery itself is worth the fee.  I strongly recommend that you visit in July/August.

    From the Editor: This description is from the official website:
    "A short five minute drive from downtown Vancouver lies Stanley Park, one of the finest natural parks in
             North America. Home of the Vancouver Public Aquarium, the park is a favorite of tourists and is a "must
             see" when in the city.

             Apart from enjoying it's natural beauty, there is much to do and see in Stanley Park. There's a miniature
             steam railway, totem pole displays, an English rose garden and, of course, a superb pitch and putt golf

             Here, close to English Bay, golfers can enjoy 18 splendid holes in a truly magical setting. Sculpted
             fairways, manicured trees and lush greens provide for a relaxing round of golf.

             Holes range from 40 to 100 yards, and are free of hazards.

             Other Stanley Park activities include lawn bowling, cricket. cycling, swimming and tennis. "

    According the the web site, there are a whole range of varying fees. I recommend going there for more information. They also have a street map on how to get there. If you go back to their main golf page, they list two other "Pitch and Putts" and several regular golf courses. If anyone is in Vancouver, please check them out and get back to me. From the description, I would say this is not the miniature golf course as I classically think of it, but it may be a lot of fun for those who would like to try a more "real" golf like experience.

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